Hi, I'm Florian

These are a couple of things I've come across so far…

I’m a Developer Advocate at Frontify, based in Switzerland. On this blog, I'll be sharing my journey, tips and tricks, and everything I've learned about things I've come across. I hope you enjoy reading my posts!

Moving my blog from Gatsby to Astro

Dec 6, 2022 — I switched from Gatsby to Astro for a better static site generator experience.

Simple solution for a valid HTTPS certificate for Home Assistant

Jul 25, 2020 — Create a valid HTTPS certificate for your local Home Assistant installation (and all other services in your local home network).

Display a motionEye stream in Home Assistant (Lovelace)

May 12, 2020 — Integrating a motionEye stream in Home Assistant can be a bit tricky. This post shows you how to do it with a picture entity card in Lovelace.

GraphQL File Uploading (Without Apollo…)

Feb 10, 2020 — Learn how to upload files with GraphQL without libraries or frameworks like Apollo.